When Can A Kitten Be Without Its Mother?

” Francine said.

The teacher stood up, walked to the blackboard and erased her scribbles. She turned around and smiled at us when she was done. “Any ideas?” she asked when she returned to her desk.

Francine looked over at me in confusion, thinking I would have an answer for the question that had just been asked of all of us. I shook my head no, but it wasn’t out of lack of trying on my part. The only thing I could think about was how this kitten must be starving right now without its mother’s milk, or what had happened to it after its birth because there is no way a normal human baby would survive without the support system offered by their mama cat immediately upon life beginning inside her womb (if they were lucky enough not to get impaled on some sharp object like nails or knives). A little voice inside told me that if there had been any other option besides having this poor kitty taken away from his family then he should be allowed back into their lives; however, since neither choice seemed viable then taking him away might be more humane than leaving him behind where he wouldn’t stand a chance against whatever cruel fate awaited him outside with people intent on making sure his short life ends as quickly as possible so they can move on with their own lives once again! What kind of sick person takes another living creature’s life for fun?! Even though Francine didn’t understand exactly why we couldn’t