When Can A Kitten Eat Adult Cat Food?

Kittens need to eat kitten food, or adult cat food. For the first 6 weeks of their lives they are growing and developing rapidly. After that point, if your kitten eats too much adult food it can cause an upset stomach which is not good for them at all. This means you must have a separate feeding schedule for kittens up until 6 months of age. They should be fed similar amounts to adults but only by themselves in specially designed bowls, so they don’t get confused with the adult foods!

Can I give my cat dairy products? What about vitamins?

You should never feed your cat anything other than homemade wet food; no dairy products (milk), no supplements (vitamins) because these can harm cats in many ways. You should also avoid any packaging that contains milk like yoghurt pots or milk cartons as well as frozen treats because this could contain contaminants such as bacteria and/or moulds; both of which are very unhealthy for cats to absorb into their bloodstreams! If there is ever any doubt regarding what has been added to what, always err on the side of caution when giving your pet processed meats like sausages etc., just leave it out altogether rather than risk contaminating your pet’s diet with disease causing organisms!