When Can A Kitten Eat Regular Cat Food?

Kittens can eat standard cat food as soon as they go into the litter box. Food should not be placed in the bowl until your kitten is dry and has finished his regular meal. If you do, he may become confused and refuse to use the toilet or will try to make himself sick by vomiting. This can lead to urinary tract infections (UTI) which cause a lot of pain for kittens and require antibiotics unless you catch it early enough. And finally, if left alone after eating, a kitten who forgets where he’s supposed to be could end up under your bed or on top of half-eaten food!

How much water does my new kitten need?

A newborn baby will need lots of warm clean water every few hours during daylight hours – about 2 quarts (2 liters) per day. Keep fresh bottled water available at all times so that there is no wait time between feedings when changing the bottle from one hand to another while feeding!! Kitten formula can also have some extra moisture so check with your veterinarian before giving any type of canned product such as Pedialyte or similar liquid formulas for kittens during their first two weeks of life . Formula fed babies should only drink from this source once they are eating solid foods .