When Can A Kitten Start Eating Wet Food?

A kitten can start eating wet food as soon as the mother cat has stopped nursing it. A few weeks after a kitten is weaned, its appetite will change. At this point, you should begin to feed your new pet with a good quality wet food specially formulated for kittens and cats. Once a kitten has started eating dry food alone, you must gradually reduce the amount of breast milk from 10ml per day to 2-3ml before starting on solid foods or formula.

Can my new cat still nurse from me if I am not home?

It is very important that all cats are fed by their owners at least twice daily – once in the morning and once in the evening – even if they live together without problems. If necessary during illness, an old litter pan may be used instead of feeding them by hand: they don’t need to eat any more than two times each day but they must be supervised 24 hours a day until their condition improves and then fed just twice daily again until there are no longer any signs of illness (around 3/4 weeks). It is important that your cat eats several times each day so that it doesn’t become overweight or develop health problems such as diabetes later on in life because of inadequate nutrition during early childhood development stages when growth rates slow down dramatically for most animals between 5 months and 1 year old; too much weight at this stage interferes with normal bone development which can lead to fractures later on in life (