When Can I Bathe My Kitten?

Answer: When the skin is dry and stiff, then you can bathe your kitten. You should never wash your cat’s eyes or mouth with soap as this could cause irritation to sensitive tissues and lead to eye infections. Also, do not use any human shampoo on a cat as it contains chemicals that are harmful for cats’ health. The best type of shampoo for a small animal such as a kitten is baby wash from the pet store. It does not contain any harsh ingredients like typical shampoos which may cause irritation of eyes or ears of an animal if applied directly on them. If you use baby wash for bathing your kitten weekly instead of daily, you will be able to prevent dirt accumulation in its fur which makes him look dirty all the time!

Q: How often should i bathe my dog?

A: Bathing once every week helps keep their coats healthy and shiny while preventing staining from food secretions, urine odors etc… At least once every two weeks would be good too but no more than that!