When Can I Give My Kitten Dry Food?

I have a kitten and she is eating dry food. I tried to encourage her to eat by spraying water in there face but it only makes the food fall out. She has been eating this for about 3 days now and we noticed that she started getting constipated since then, what should i do? And how long does the process take before the problem gets solved? Thanks!!



When Can You Give Your Kitten Dry Food?

The wet foods (made from meat or fish) are good for your cat’s teeth because they don’t have an artificial flavor added. The dry ones can be too rich so you need to watch their weight! They also absorb moisture from the air so if you keep them in a humid place, mold will grow on top of them and make them go bad faster. Put your kitty’s food into a sealed container with no holes in it – that way evaporation won’t affect its freshness either. If you’re worried about mold, buy a jar of plain yogurt instead of using plain milk which has gotten spoiled more often than not after just a few weeks or months when left open at room temp – better safe than sorry! Bacteria get destroyed by heat but bacteria-laced mildew spores get killed rapidly once exposed to high temperatures like those found inside storage containers…so check twice before opening up any jars! Good luck with your little one! (03/11/2010)