When Can I Stop Feeding Milk Replacer To A Kitten?

you can stop feeding kitten milk replacer when the kitten is either 6 weeks old or 1 month old.

http://www.catinfo.org/vet-qna/can-i-stop-feeding… (http://www.catinfo.org/vet-qna/can-i-stopfeedingmilkreplacer2) you can stop feeding kitten milk replacer until she gets to about 6 months of age because by that time her teeth will be ready for solid food and she should no longer need it, otherwise she may get an upset stomachIf your pet has finished his milk replacement diet he will have fully transitioned to regular cat food alone which means there are no more benefits from continuing with the original formula so you can safely discontinue using it at this point! When to Stop Feeding Milk ReplacerBy now, most kittens will be eating regular cat food or kibble but many people still opt for a milksupplement during their first few weeks in order not to disrupt their transition period into normal adult catfoods..All baby cats who start on a milk supplement must gradually switch over to ordinary catfood before they are six months old in order avoid any digestive troubles later on in life, especially if they are offered both kinds of foods at different ages..The reason for this is because babies do not produce enough enzymes in their saliva necessary for digesting solid food without help from enzymes contained in mother’s milk which contains these special proteases needed