When Can U Neuter A Kitten?

Is there a specific time frame for neutering cats? Like, is it better to wait until they are old enough to have sex with other cats or do you just have to wait until the vet tells you it’s okay? I was thinking about spaying my cat but reading about how hormones can cause problems makes me nervous.

We don’t recommend waiting too long after your pet’s first heat cycle. This is because an intact female will be more likely to go into heat again if she hasn’t been fixed by the age of 4-6 months. For that reason, we strongly suggest that female pets undergo their first surgery at 6 months of age or earlier (most veterinarians prefer 7 months). We also recommend spaying females at the appropriate time in order to avoid unwanted pregnancies and surgeries later on down the road due to uterine cancer or infection. Spaying does not guarantee prevention against any disease; however, 90% of all cancers are prevented when animals are spayed before their second year.

If your veterinarian recommends early surgery for medical reasons, please check with them before having your pet neutered as this decision should be made between you and your veterinarian only!

Do kittens need their moms milk after being declawed/neutered? And what happens if momma doesn’t produce enough milk anymore?? I’ve seen small puppies get kitten formulas mixed up with “lactating” mamas so i’m wondering…what happens if mommy