When Can You Feed A Kitten Dry Food?

In general, the best time to feed a kitten dry food is in the morning when you go to work. It’s not enough for them to have an empty stomach while you’re gone, they also need access to water and a litter box. You should start changing your kittens’ diets as soon as possible after they are weaned from their mother.

How do I know if my kitten won’t eat?

A healthy growing kitten will usually take readily in small amounts of food offered in a bowl or on a spoon. If it doesn’t seem interested at all, try offering it something else like wet cat food (see below). Does your kitten drink water? Are its eyes bright and clear? Have any of its fur come off recently due to mange or other skin ailment? These things could be signs that it needs more specific care than can be provided by this site; consult with your veterinarian for further direction before discontinuing feeding!