When Can You Microchip A Kitten?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but it depends on many factors. The most important thing that veterinarians look for is the kitten’s age and size at the time of microchip implantation. This will help determine whether or not a microchip can be successfully implanted in an animal with large bones (e.g., adult cats).

While there are many other considerations which will affect when you should microchip your cat, it is generally accepted that kittens can receive their first rabies vaccination between 6-8 weeks of age, while older cats should wait until 10-14 weeks. Microchipping earlier than 14 weeks could result in incomplete placement of the chip resulting in loss of data if incorrect surgery was performed due to improper timing by the veterinarian. Your veterinarian may also recommend that you delay or withhold vaccinations prior to implanting a chip so as not to interfere with therapy if necessary later on down the road after implantation has taken place (i.e., vaccines administered during pregnancy may cause problems if they occur too early).

How long does it take for my cat to get vaccinated?

The ideal time frame for vaccinating your pet depends entirely upon: 1) what vaccine(s) he/she needs; 2) how often you need them; and 3) where and how far away from home they live – these things obviously vary quite widely among individuals! How quickly we want our pets vaccinated varies depending on parentage, previous exposure status, any current