When Can You Take A Kitten From Its Mother?

(f) How can we help our kitten to be a good mother and mother cat?


Chapter 4: The First Few Months with Your New Kitten

1. What should you do if your kitten gets dropped? (continued)

2. When is it time for feeding the kittens in the litter box? (continued) “Eating” when mom isn’t there; what happens when she does return, and how will this affect the kittens’ health and behavior. (part 2 of 3) Will they become more fearful or aggressive, or less perceptive and independent? Why would eating in their litterbox make them sick or cause diarrhea? Do we need to keep them from licking her food bowl at all times until she goes out again, even though this is very inconvenient for us as owners who like to feed them on demand every day by putting their food down right after they finish eating ? Should we put baby gates up around our cats’ room so that Mom won’t get accidentally knocked over while trying to eat her meal without getting caught in between cages with sharp corners that could cut her paws open, causing bleeding wounds that are painful enough for her to quit wanting to climb into bed with me each night just because she got hurt doing something silly which I don’t understand anyway but I know was probably my fault anyway because I’m not very smart sometimes?) What