When Can You Tell If A Kitten Is A Boy Or Girl?

The time of birth is a good indicator. If you notice that the kitten has been born tail-less, it can be assumed to be a girl because tails are mostly seen in boys. The kittens’ sex is also visible when they start showing signs of puberty such as shedding hair and growing testicles. However, this process takes place from about 3 months old up to 2 years or more depending on breed and genetics. You may not see any sign that confirms the gender until after they grow into adulthood but for most breeds, there will eventually come a day when they show their true colours.

Can I have two cats in my house?

We recommend no more than one cat per household unless you know your cats really get along well with each other! Cats should never be kept together without an enclosure just because someone wants them both! Having two cats living together can cause fighting amongst themselves or even against people who walk into the home unexpectedly (like children).