When Daddy Trys Giving Another Kitten Morw Love?

hello i have 2 kittens. 1 is 6 weeks old and my other one just turned 5 months old. they are very playful with eachother but not so much with the rest of my cats or humans that come to visit, what can i do?

I have a male cat that I found as a kitten on the street, about 7 months ago now. He’s been adopted by me as well as two female kittens he sired from his first litter. At the time I got him, he was full grown and all black except for some white spots along his back legs and feet which were healed scars from being hit by a car when he was still an infant. What happened next is where I’m stuck… My mom took both females away from us because she said we had enough pets already (we don’t) and put them in her bedroom/living room area where they’ve been staying ever since then even though our house isn’t cold enough to be cold-blooded animals! It didn’t help that there weren’t any heaters running at night either since our dog sleeps inside our basement room during those times! We’re thinking it’d probably be best if we let them go outside again but keep them under supervision at all times while doing so because whenever either girl gets out of hand or fluffs up their fur too long before us taking a look at what’s going on, they get ignored pretty easily until further notice… But this means having to take walks twice daily through mostly