When Do Cats Get Out Of The Kitten Stage?

Cat breeds are divided into two groups, the domestic cats and the wild cat families. Domestic cats (Felidae) belong to one of seven species: wolf, lynx, leopard cat, ocelot , jaguarundi (or puma), margay (also called agouti or aguililla) and olinguito . The wildcats include members of several different species such as serval , caracal, African golden cat , fishing cat , Persian leopard and African lion . Selecting a pet depends on many factors including your lifestyle.If you choose to get an exotic kitten that is already tame it might be easier for you to handle than if you were considering one from the beginning. However even domesticated pets can develop behavioral problems so this decision should not be made lightly! Many people will say “my breed doesn’t have any behavior problems” but they don’t really know what’s going on in there mind!