When Do You Know Your Kitten Is Free Of Fleas?

You should start seeing your kitten scratching and rubbing its back on the carpet, or if you hear a ‘tic’ when they are being stroked. This is normal behaviour from kittens that have been flea-free for a few weeks. It’s good to see them scratching as it will encourage your kitten to groom itself more regularly!

How long does it take my kitten to get over fleas?

Your kitten may not be affected by ticks at all in their first year of life, but once they have started developing antibodies in their blood they will never again need treatment with any topical repellent. Once immunised, many cats can go years without needing a single tick removal treatment, even in the absence of exposure to dogs or other animals that carry ticks! Some cats do still develop recurrent infections from time to time though – stress can exacerbate this problem. If you suspect that your cat has an infection then please contact us for advice about how best cope with this problem via our online form here: http://www.thekittyastrologer.com/services/flea-ticks/.

Can I use an insecticide on my cat? Why or why not? Can I spray her bedding too?

Insecticides work well against both parasitic lice and fleas because these creatures feed on animal secretions such as urine and faeces (feline dander) so application directly onto the fur makes perfect sense