When Does A Female Kitten Go Into Heat?

A: When does a female kitten come into heat (heat) is primarily influenced by the temperature of her environment. A common misconception about this topic is that it happens when she becomes sexually active, and while this may be true for some cats, others will experience their first heat at any time during their lives. This can happen as early as 1-2 months old and even before they are weaned from food and water (4 weeks). The length of time between your cat’s first heat cycle to her next one depends on several factors such as whether or not she was spayed/spent an interval in season.

Q: What causes cats to go into heat?

A: There are many reasons why a cat might go into heat, including matings with multiple males; breeding programs; birth control pills; tumors on the ovaries; hormone imbalance due to illness or medication use; hysterectomy or removal of reproductive organs due to cancer or other medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism and pyometra (uterine infection); pregnancy loss; stress related hormonal changes during times of high stress such as relinquishment, new home placement etc.; traumatic events such as domestic abuse which occur prior to spaying/neutering causing an altered state of mind associated with fearfulness towards people versus normal confidence level felt prior to surgery (hypervigilant behavior occurs); change in environmental temperature – seasonal changes like cold weather vs hot weather – allowing body temperature