When Does A Kitten Stop Drinking Milk?

A kitten will only drink milk if it is hungry. If your kitten gets enough food, it won’t need to drink any more. At about six weeks of age, you should stop giving the cat milk altogether because there are some health benefits associated with not having dairy products in your diet. But first try this without replacing her usual food: see what happens! Then gradually reduce the amount of milk over a period of time until she no longer wants or looks for it at all (this can take up to six months).

What is the best way to measure my kitten’s weight?

It’s very difficult – and quite annoying – getting an accurate weigh-in on kittens that are just starting out on solid foods. The most reliable method for this stage is weighing them against a wall using a scale set at 0.1 kg increments, which requires frequent weighing every day until they’re 12 weeks old or older, then once a week after that as long as necessary (weighing each morning) until adulthood has been reached – usually around 4 years old. Occasionally you may need to do this twice weekly from 3 months onwards if they seem excessively thin/robust depending upon their breed and activity level; but don’t be alarmed too much if their weights appear erratic or inconsistent between these two methods since although certain traits relate back to genetics/genotype rather than environment/phenotype changes due to environmental influences such as stress levels have been shown to cause significant variations in body mass within