When Does Fading Kitten Syndrome Happen?

Fading kitten syndrome happens when a cat becomes very friendly with its owners and then suddenly stops being so. This can be caused by something that may seem quite innocent but is actually the reason behind the change in behaviour. Although this does happen occasionally, most often it happens because of some traumatic event that has happened to one or both of you (such as even losing your job), which causes stress for your cat.


You will not notice any changes in your cats’ behaviour until it starts getting worse; this usually takes about 6 months before anything noticeable occurs (although it could be longer). You may also see signs like unexplained aggression towards other family members, constant meowing or crying at night, showing no interest in food, sudden mood swings where he loves you one moment and hates you the next…and on top of all that he won’t use his litter box anymore! Fading kitten syndrome is when they stop liking their new home just after they have settled into it nicely!