When Does My Kitten Stop Growing?

One of the best things about cats is that they come in a variety of sizes, from toys to tigers! But every cat’s size differs — and sometimes quite dramatically. Your kitten grows fast at first, and then slows down as his bones harden and grow longer. His growth rate slows even more after he reaches 7 or 8 weeks old (he’ll be 9 or 10 weeks old by now), but for some reason it doesn’t stop completely until he reaches around 12 months old. If you want to know when your kitten will stop growing, look here: http://www.cat-council-of-greater-toronto.org/kitten_growthchart . It can be useful if you have an adult cat — one who grew up with kittens — because she might tell you how long it takes them to grow out of their “teenage stage” where they start gaining weight faster than normal and move slower than usual!

Why won’t my kitten eat?

Kittens are very cute when they’re tiny little bundles of fur just starting out on life’s journey. Unfortunately, most don’t survive long enough for people to see this phase; 90% die before reaching three months old , which means that not only do we lose our chance to admire the adorable babies we’ve found abandoned on streets or left in doorways or run over by cars, but also all those wonderful foster homes that keep these little lives