When Is A Kitten A Cat?

The answer, according to the many international cat clubs and organizations that have sprung up over the years, is “when it can run.” This definition of a kitten also applies to all other animals in nature—from fish to birds—whose young are called kittens. The term was first used for domesticated cats about 2,000 years ago when people began keeping them as pets.

There are several theories about how cats got their name from kittiwake gulls because they both eat fish but kittiwakes won out in terms of name choice. Kittiwakes were said to be especially fond of fishing around rocky coasts while cats were originally thought to catch mice by hunting at night with silent stealth and then devouring their prey without making any noise or leaving tracks behind (see this page). So we give thanks every day that our feline friends don’t hunt on land anymore!

Cats sleep an average 11 hours per day—almost double what most people do! Photo: © iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Kitten Days? What Are They? During World War II, Britain cut its food rationing and raised poultry instead so families could enjoy more chicken dinners than pork chops and hamburgers for dinner each weeknight. Because chickens lay eggs just like hens do but also provide meat instead of eggs when they go broody (a rare occurrence), British people dubbed these special days “chicken nights” where roost