When Is A Kitten Become Adult For Feeding?

The cat is old enough to be spayed. The kitten has completed all of its inoculations and will have an identification collar with your name on it, if you so wish.

When should I start feeding my puppy?

It depends on the breed of dog, but usually by three months of age, or when the pup weighs between 1-2 lbs., whichever comes first. Remember that puppies are carnivores at their core! They require a rich meat diet consisting primarily of raw meaty bones (apart from table scraps) as well as other vitamins and minerals found in the mother’s milk. Some pups may need extra calcium due to high energy level during teething period or for other reasons discussed below under “Nutritional Needs” page). If you intend to feed commercial prepared foods try mixing them 50/50 with home made food which consists mainly of meats cooked by boiling chicken necks, mixes containing primarily calves liver etc.. Puppies also benefit greatly from fresh clean water daily – make sure they always have access to it even during play time because their mouths tend to get dry very quickly. They also love vegetables such as carrots, celery leaves etc… Make sure you give them lots of toys!