When Is A Kitten Ready To Leave Its Mother?

When the kitten is completely weaned. The mother cat usually takes good care of her kittens, but she can’t provide food or shelter 24/7 for them. Weaning occurs approximately two to three weeks after birth, though some have been known to leave earlier if they are being fed by their mothers less frequently than normal due to illness or other factors.

What are the dangers of leaving a kitten too soon?

Leaving a kitten too early places him at greater risk of injury and death. Leaving your young pet alone during his first several months will make it more difficult for you to find him once he has left home, as well as increase his chances of encountering dangerous predators in your neighborhood. Another major danger for kittens is that they cannot fend for themselves until around six weeks old when they start rolling over on their own power (the “kitten crawl”). Even then, however, the tiny kitten must be closely watched because its small size makes it especially vulnerable to attack by larger animals such as dogs and cats who might mistake an unweaned baby animal’s cries for those made by prey species like rats and mice which may also live in urban areas near where people live or work outside their homes.