When Is A Kitten Ready To Spay?

” The answer is that an animal should be spayed at any age after six months of age. This means a kitten can be spayed before reaching the six month mark and will still have a shorter gestation period than a dog or cat who is spayed at seven months old.

How does this make sense? Well, let’s say you want to keep your kitty as a pet for life, but she has been adopted from the shelter as an adult cat. The average gestation period for cats is between 63-67 days (females). So if you waited until she reached 7 months old before having her fixed, then there would be an additional 28 days of pregnancy left over which could potentially result in complications such as kittens born with cleft palates or other birth defects because they were not fully developed enough when pulled from their mother’s womb. Additionally, since some breeds are more prone to developing mammary tumors or cystic mastitis while pregnant it might also be possible to still find out later on down the road that your beloved kitty had these health problems during her first pregnancy due to being too young during surgery which may push back her return home by many weeks/months/years depending on how far along into mama’s second cycle she was when operated upon. By choosing to wait until 6 months instead of 7 months the chances of all this occurring will decrease significantly! If you choose never to breed again thereafter even though it seems like common