When Is It Too Late To Tame A Kitten?

Even after you’ve bought your kitten home, it can still be hard to tame him. Kittens are born with an instinctive sense of survival and will do anything possible to keep themselves safe, which includes taming their own mother (or other female cat). It’s not uncommon for kittens that haven’t met another new kitten yet to act aggressively toward humans when they first arrive at their new homes. The best way around this is by waiting until the kitten has known another cat or two before bringing him home so he knows how to behave with other felines. Some people also suggest leaving a few days between bringing the kitten home and introducing him to his littermates so he doesn’t feel too threatened.

How much exercise does my male/female Bengal need?

Over time, Bengals adapt easily into any type of household environment as long as there are enough outlets for them to run around in different rooms on different floors—preferably several times every day! They’re very active cats who enjoy playing outdoors but don’t mind lounging about indoors if they’re allowed more than just one out-of-sight area per room where they can go hideout without being stalked by curious family members! This breed needs plenty of stimulation outside its normal routine, whether it takes place inside or out, but although Bengals love toys and games, make sure never give them food rewards during these activities because this could lead them toward eating inappropriate things like plastic bags or coins off counters!