When Is The Best Time To Adopt A Kitten?

Kittens need to be adopted into homes with older children who are at least 5 years old. Adopting kittens too young can cause serious problems, mainly because they may not be ready for the stresses of living in a new home, and they will grow up more quickly than your other pets without giving them the proper attention they require.

How do I find an animal shelter?

Animal shelters are located throughout the United States and Canada (you’ll want to check out Petfinder) or you can search online using Google, Bing or Yahoo! There are also many adoption sites that allow people to adopt animals directly via their websites; these include Pets4Homes (which is based in Australia), Pet Connection (based in New Zealand) and Animal Friends Network (based in Germany). You should also consider contacting local rescue groups as well as shelters if you know of one nearby. If there is no shelter near your home location yet, contact some county offices about helping promote pet adoption events.