When Is The Best Time To Get A Kitten?

When does the season change?

In most areas of the country, kitten season lasts from late January to March. In winter, kittens are born in late October and early November. They can be seen outside during any part of their very short window for activity.

Why do some people say that a baby is a “kitten” until it’s 7 weeks old?

Some people think that a kitten has not yet been weaned when they see only one litter per year. We also hear about many cats being moved into homes after just a few days or weeks old from breeder/rescue groups who breed at this times each year with no regard as to how long these kittens will live once put out on their own. The truth is that most kittens don’t make it past 4-5 months without assistance from humans as they struggle with life on their own in unfamiliar surroundings with little food and shelter beyond what nature provides them (and usually too much). Only those lucky enough to come from good breeders have the opportunity to become accustomed to human companionship before having left home and moving into an environment where there isn’t always someone willing or able to help them survive through the first 2 years of their lives (or even longer if they’re feral). UNTIL THE KITTEN IS OVER 5 WEEKS OLD!

How should I care for my new kitten? What did you feed him today? Is he getting enough love & attention…? Should I spay