When Is The Kitten Bowl 2017?

Kitty Bowl 2017 is on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

When will there be a Kitty Bowl 2018?

The next kitten bowl game will take place in 2018. It’s currently scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 20th at 10:00 AM ET.

When was the first Kitty Bowl game played? When did it start? How many years has this tradition been around? The cat bowl has been part of the NCAA football schedule since 1935 and its name came from an earlier tournament that featured college teams in 1928-29 called “The Shrine Game”. Primarily played by small colleges with limited budgets, they were nicknamed ‘kitten bowls’ because their players were all young men who wouldn’t have won much if they’d stayed in school or gone pro afterward (the best player usually had his tuition paid for him). Most of these schools are now defunct but there are still five remaining teams playing under this title today — Clemson University, Davidson College (NC), Iowa State University/University of Northern Iowa/Iowa Hawkeyes (IA), North Dakota State Bison/North Dakota Fighting Sioux (ND) and Weber State Wildcats(UT). The games have taken many forms over the years including exhibition games against each other as well as military training exercises involving actual cats while others include adoptable kittens brought onto field via kiddie carts. If you think about it though…it makes perfect sense! As far back as 1914 Franklin D Roosevelt would make regular appearances at Princeton