When Should A Kitten Be Neutered?

Q: When can I get my kitten neutered?

A: There is no set age at which your cat should be neutered. The decision to neuter a male or female cat depends on the circumstances of each individual animal and also on the veterinarian’s recommendations. Like human males, male cats exhibit sexual behavior while young, but this does not necessarily mean that they will continue to do so into adulthood (see below). On average, one-third of all male cats in North America become castrated by six months of age; however, even if he has never shown any interest in other animals or humans his chances for remaining intact are good—nearly 90 percent of uncastrated males still retain their testicles when they reach four years old. Even if you have no plans for breeding your cat yourself it is important to discuss this with your veterinarian before having him neutered because there may be certain medical conditions that would preclude surgery and these issues must be resolved prior to performing surgery. As we gain more knowledge about the effects of neutering on health and well-being we hope that unnecessary procedures such as spaying and castration will become less common in our veterinary clinics. However, until then healthy pets need not worry about being sterilized simply because nothing better offers an acceptable alternative at present!