When Should A Kitten Be Spayed?

a. 3 months b. 6 months c. 12 weeks d. 4 months

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3. Which of the following is not an advantage of neutering a cat?

a. Neutered cats do not spray in the house or mark territory with their scent glands because they have no prostate gland to secrete male hormones into their urine and feces

b. Unneutered male cats are more likely to develop testicular cancer if exposed to high levels of testosterone in the environment, since they lack that protective hormone system

c. Kittens will be less likely to roam because there is less competition for food resources among them after neutering them at a certain age

d. Male cats are more likely than female cats to fight over females when other males are introduced into the household later on, so neutering males helps prevent this type of behavior problem between males first appearing around puberty

4…. Do you know how old your cat is? Need help determining what year she was born? Use Figure 1-1 as a guide! If her birthday falls within one week prior or two weeks after August 31st then she’s considered either kitten (AugustSeptember) or adult (OctoberNovember). See whether any birthdays fall earlyMarch 30thor lateJune 21stin both categories listed above and adjust accordingly by using Figure 1-2 as shown here: by estimating your cat’s age from these charts you can make sure you’ve sp