When Should A Kitten Be Tested For Fiv Felv??

i have a 3 1/2 month old kitten who was found to be positive for fiv. what is the best way of testing, and getting it treated?


can you get this from eating cat feces?! – Asked about product: Cat Sterilization Liquid-4oz (Case of 6)

Answer: The following article gives some general information on how to prevent FIV in cats. While you are taking care not to spread any diseases that cause illness in humans, there is no reason why you should expose your cat or other animals in your household to these diseases by feeding them contaminated food or by allowing them access to infected animals. You can reduce risks significantly by preventing infection through good housekeeping practices including regular cleanings of cages, floors, litter boxes and utensils; disinfecting fresh wounds with alcohol wipes before bandaging; washing hands thoroughly with soap after handling infected cats or their environment; practicing safe sex which includes using condoms during the act when possible; avoiding contact between species if at all possible since they are susceptible viruses that infect many different species including dogs, monkeys etc.; vaccinating against rabies when appropriate which means vaccinating kittens between 12-16 weeks of age based on weight class plus annual booster shots thereafter which protects against disease but does NOT eliminate risk entirely. For more information see our articles below on Rabies Vaccination for Cats & Kittens , Feline Leukemia Virus Disease Fact Sheet , Prevent Feline Infectious Peritonitis .