When Should A Kitten Go To The Vet?

A kitten should be seen by a veterinarian as early as possible. Mites, worms and other parasites may cause serious problems for the kitten. If you wait too long to see your vet, he or she may not have sufficient time to treat the problem before it becomes serious. The sooner they are treated, the more likely that they will survive and be able to live a normal life without any further complications from their illness.

How many vaccines does my feline need?

The number of vaccinations depends on several factors: age, life stage (adult versus kitten), environment (how long is this cat going to stay indoors versus how much outdoor activity will there be?), lifestyle (will this cat spend most of its time indoors or outdoors?) etc..

Vaccination requirements vary depending on these variables but typically include: initial series of 3-4 vaccinations at 2 months old; second series at 4 months old; third series starting between 6 – 8 weeks old followed by boosters every three years thereafter according to guidelines outlined in Table 1 below.*