When Should A Kitten Not Be Crated Anymore?

A: When the kitten is a year old and has its own litter box.

Q: How do I teach my dog to go potty outside?

A: Go indoors, take the puppy out of her crate, and put both of you in your house. Give her a command such as “go potty” or “potty time” then wait for her to respond with something that indicates she needs to relieve herself (e.g., lifting one leg). Repeat this sequence until she goes on cue—you will need about twenty repetitions before she understands that when you say “go potty” it means go!

Q: Should dogs be crated while they are eating? A: Yes; but if they cannot be crated safely, provide them with lots of chew toys so they can keep their teeth clean while away from their crates or kennel area. Also, feed them at regular intervals throughout the day so there is no chance for them to get hungry enough to beg food from someone else during mealtime. If you want them completely confined at all times (and who doesn’t?) then use an exercise pen instead of a crate or kennel area. An exercise pen allows dogs more freedom than most people think; there are even some models available designed specifically for cats! Check out www.petfinder .com/pet_exerciser-256074-PetExercisePen for more information on