When Should A Kitten Open Eyes??

Most kittens open their eyes when they are 4-5 weeks old.

How long should a kitten have to wait before it is considered safe for them to be on food?

A kitten should never go more than 8 hours without eating. If the mother cat did not eat during this period, she will begin producing milk again and make her litter of kittens fat! A nursing kitten can lose up to half of its body weight within three days if it does not get enough food. Kittens that do not nurse often end up with overeating problems later in life because their stomachs cannot handle too much high protein foods (especially wet or canned diets). It is very important that you feed your cats at least twice daily (more if possible) but DO NOT FEED THEM AFTER THEY ARE EIGHT HOURS OLD!!

Is there anything i shouldn’t put in my babies’ mouths?