When Should You Neuter A Male Kitten?

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether or not to neuter a male kitten. The most important of these is age, because older males can often be quite needy and territorial. Also keep in mind that the decision will impact both you and your female cat in her future relationships with other cats–the more kittens you have, the greater potential there is for rivalry among them! A few weeks before having your first litter of kittens, it’s best if she has an intact mate available for her use at all times. If he doesn’t bond with another animal in this time frame, then neutering him will likely make things worse rather than better when she finally does become pregnant again.

When should I spay my female cat?

Spaying a female cat removes the possibility for unwanted pregnancies but also eliminates some of her natural defenses against disease (including mammary tumors). This procedure may be recommended after she has had one litter of about 6-8 kittens; otherwise it generally makes sense only if there are no signs that she might get any more litters soon (if you see an increase in frequency or size of uterine lumps on palpation) or if you know from previous experience that pregnancy could occur later on unexpectedly (such as during an unplanned vacation away from home). Spaying is fairly simple to do but requires anesthesia so please don’t try it yourself unless you feel confident enough about doing so safely! An experienced veterinary technician can