When Should You Spay A Kitten?

Kittens should be spayed between six and eight weeks of age. This will allow them to grow into a healthy adult cat. Females are also spayed at this time because they are beginning to have their first estrus cycle, which is when they mark territory by spraying urine all over the house. This behavior can continue for another three months after spaying so make sure you do not miss out on this valuable opportunity! The uterus continues producing eggs until two years of age or longer in some breeds, if not sooner.

How often should my kitten be seen by the vet?

It depends on your pet’s breed but typically kittens need to see their veterinarian every three months until they are about 18-24 months old. We recommend that you bring your kitten in twice during the first year—once when it is 6-8 weeks old and again when it reaches 12-14 weeks (6-8 times total). If your cat stays with you throughout this period then we suggest annual visits as well as having an exam done annually thereafter just to keep up with routine checkups and vaccinations due to its decreased activity level throughout adulthood compared to playful kittens who love running around exploring new places!