When To Declaw And Spay A Kitten?

There are certain medical conditions that make it extremely dangerous to declaw or spay a female. A kitten should not be declawed before the age of 6 months, because her bones are still growing. Declawing also places the cat at risk for developing arthritis later in life if she is not regularly trimmed and given appropriate pain medication. Declawed cats are more likely to develop urinary tract disease, diabetes mellitus, osteosarcoma (bone cancer), bone infections, abscesses and other serious health problems than un-declawed cats…

What is an “altered” pet? Why do I need one? How much will I have to pay for this procedure?

The term “altered” can mean different things depending on which state you live in. In some states altered means having had cosmetic surgery done, whereas in others it applies only when certain procedures such as hair removal or ear cropping take place….

How soon after birth does my kitten go outside with me? When can he/she come inside? What about when they become sick – how long do they stay indoors after that??

This varies by individual since each baby kitty has their own personality and temperament; however many kittens start going out within hours of being born while others may wait several days or longer before venturing outside…

Are there any dangers involved in giving your baby his first bath? Shouldn’t I just let him get all dirty right away & then