When To Feed A Kitten Cat Food?

A kitten should be fed three times a day. The first feeding at around six months of age is called the “maintenance” or “maintenance-type” feed because it provides necessary nutrition for growing kittens. It may also contain vitamins and minerals to help prevent growth problems later in life. A kitten’s second, middle and last meals are all called nutrition feeds because they provide additional nutrients needed by a growing pet as well as additional elements such as taurine, which helps improve eye sight and heart function, or chondroitin sulfate, which can promote healthy cartilage development in cats’ joints.[1][2] Some brands of kitten food include chicken meal (chicken parts) with other meat sources such as liver meal (liver), turkey meal (turkey), lamb meal (lamb) or egg product.[3] These ingredients have been proven to preserve lean muscle tissue due to their high protein content.[4] In most cases these types of foods are formulated without added hormones for proper growth acceleration,[5] however some companies use genetically modified organisms[6] which is an issue being debated among scientists worldwide[7]. Many cat owners believe that GMO food poses health risks but there has not been enough research on them yet to prove this claim one way or another. For now you can buy organic brand if possible just so you know what your kitty is eating!

Sometimes a small amount of canned food mixed into the main portions during each feeding time will