When To Feed A Kitten Food?

Kittens will usually start eating solid food within a few weeks after they arrive at your home, but you can begin to offer them some solids from as early as 4-5 weeks of age. If she is younger than 4 months old and has been nursing, it’s OK to continue feeding her mother’s milk for another week or so until the kitten is weaned. However, if you are introducing a new littermate into an established group of kittens, wait until all other kittens have been weaned before giving any new kitten solids.

How should I feed my pet?

A healthy adult cat should eat 2 1/2 cups (6 ounces) of a good quality dry cat food every day. Most cats prefer wet food over dry; however provide both types in the same bowl(s). Dry kibble can be offered twice daily to keep weight up and energy levels stable throughout the day. Be sure that the type of food you choose contains high amounts of protein such as poultry or fish along with essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and phosphorus that helps maintain strong bones and teeth. Cats often become overweight by overeating because their systems cannot properly digest high carbohydrate foods – picky eaters may also develop problems around their stomach area due to too much fatty content in their diet leading to excess body fat which leads to health issues such as diabetes mellitus or pancreatitis (inflammation) etc.. A balanced meal plan consisting primarily of meat based ingredients mixed