When To Get A Kitten Declawed?

Kittens need to be declawed before they are 6 weeks of age. They are not “inherently” dangerous, but can easily become so if allowed access to your home without the proper training. A kitten will develop the most destructive habits in its first few months, which you want to avoid with a declawing procedure.

Is it right for everyone? When should I get my cat spayed or neutered? Why does my veterinarian recommend these procedures?

It is important that all pet owners consider these issues when choosing their companion animals. Adopting responsibly from shelters and rescues is always encouraged, but please know that there are many responsible pet owners who choose to have their pets spayed or neutered at an earlier age than 6 months old. These early surgeries may prevent unnecessary medical problems later on in life by reducing genetic defects and cancers related to gene mutations (i.e., FIV) and other diseases such as hemangiosarcoma (an aggressive cancer). The benefits of early sterilization outweigh the risks involved with having a litter of kittens (or dogs!) too young for this process due to anesthesia complications during birth/weaning/immaturity itself; also vaccinations less harmful when started prior-to-age 1 year old; etc… Our goal at Pawz N Claws is simply providing quality veterinary care while giving our clients peace-of-mind knowing their pets’ health needs will be met after adoption through annual checkups!