When To Get Your Kitten Neutered?

Kittens can be spayed or neutered at any age. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, which means the kitten will not wake up after surgery. It’s important for your cat to feel comfortable with his/her veterinarian and staff ahead of time, so it’s best if you take him/her in for a pre-op exam before they are due for surgery. That way he/she knows what to expect when they go home from the hospital afterwards!

Why should I get my kitten spayed?

Spaying an intact female cat greatly reduces her risk of life-threatening complications during pregnancy and delivery (e.g., pyometra). Spaying also significantly reduces the risk that she will develop mammary tumors later in life as well as uterine infections caused by unwanted kittens being born into heat each year. Spaying an intact male cat has fewer medical benefits than neutering but can still reduce his risks of certain cancers, urinary tract disease, testicular cancer, behavioral problems including aggression toward other cats or dogs, and excessive roaming behavior around your home or neighborhood given access to unsupervised outdoor areas populated by birds and other prey animals whom he may chase. Please note: Both male cats AND female cats who have had one litter should be neutered at less than six months old unless directed otherwise by their veterinarian based on their individual health status – visit our FAQs page here for more information about getting started early with FELV vaccines!