When To Go From Kitten Food To Cat Food?

In just a few short weeks, your baby cat will be eating enough to get the nutrition he needs from solid food. That’s when you can begin to mix canned or dry kitten food into his meals. If it’s been more than two months since your kitten was born, then you should probably stop mixing kitty chow with canned and start adding fresh foods slowly.

What is the best age for introducing new foods?

It really depends on what kind of changes in diet you want to make for your pet. Generally speaking, kittens need a bit more time between each transition because they have very sensitive digestive systems at this age. For example, pureed meaty baby food mixed with water is usually given daily instead of once every couple days after three months old. This way our babies grow up using familiar healthy recipes that are appropriate for their stage of development while allowing them time to adjust if there are any potential digestive issues during the change in diet (e.g., most people find that raw chicken tends not cause bowel problems).

Why do most cats eat one meal at night and another in the morning? Is there anything I can do about this?