When To Neuter A Kitten Female?

How long can a neutering take?

I am planning on having my 8 month old kitten spayed. How do I go about it? What are the risks of anesthesia for her? Is she likely to have complications if under anaesthesia, and what is the cost of surgery, anaesthesia etc.? Thanks in advance. Nancy Answered by a verified Cat Vet Ask your question Thank you for your question regarding this cat breed! We understand how important it is to get advice from fellow animal lovers when contemplating veterinary treatment, so we have put together some general questions that may help you choose an appropriate medical professional. If there are more specific questions you would like answered please don’t hesitate to ask us any time via email or use our live chat feature at the bottom right hand corner of every page! 1) Can they be over-analgedicated with no ill effects? Analgesics are drugs used to relieve pain during surgery. Some cats require certain medications which cannot be given orally (e.g.: xylocaine). They also need analgesia after procedures such as tooth extraction or ear clipping because even though these are “minor” surgeries they still cause discomfort and stress for both animals and humans involved in them 2) When should anesthetics be administered / how much does the cat weigh Play safe: check your local laws 3) Which class/sizes will suit me best 4) What age does my cat start showing signs of puberty 5) Are there any