When To Neuter A Kitten Male?

It is very important to do so when the kitten is between 8 and 12 weeks old. The surgery can be performed up to 3 months of age but this causes a higher risk of the cancer returning, the cancer occurring in other body parts or even death of the cat.

How does neutering affect my cat’s behaviour?

Neutered cats are more affectionate and less aggressive than their unneutered counterparts (domestic short-haired male: average aggression: 46%, mean duration: 1 minute; domestic long-haired male: average aggression: 54%, mean duration: 2 minutes). Neutering also reduces spraying, marking territory and chasing neighbouring cats. Reduced sexual activity means that neutered males don’t get as much exercise as they used to before surgery -especially if they were allowed “free roaming” at home before surgery was carried out- which may result in health problems later on.