When To Spay A Female Kitten?

We spay our cats at 6 months of age. We prefer to neuter kittens before neutering adult cats, but we know that many shelters don’t have the facilities or resources necessary to do this. In fact, most people get their cat fixed after they get a dog because it is more convenient for them to take both dogs and cats in with one trip to the veterinarian! But if you are concerned about the safety of your female kitten having babies later on, spaying her early will prevent any unwanted pregnancies from happening. Also remember that there are risks involved with an operation like this so make sure you talk it through with your vet first.

How old should my pet be when he/she gets neutered?

There are no recommendations as to how old a pet needs to be for him/herself or his family members before being neutered. Pets can come into heat at any time during their life so even if they seem ready now, wait until their next heat cycle is over before fixing them up! If you have questions about what signs your animal is showing then please ask us here in our online forum section!