When To Spay Neuter A Kitten?

A. Spaying and neutering are the safest ways to prevent unwanted litters of kittens. The effect on cat population is immediate; there will be no more breeding without spaying or neutering your cats, so if you do decide to have kittens, it’s best that you get them fixed as soon as possible after they are born. If left unneutered, males can become aggressive towards other cats in the household and females may continually go into heat over several months each year which results in painful contractions during which she cannot walk or eat properly, so please think about this before allowing one of these gorgeous creatures back into the world!

Q: Can I keep my pet/cat indoors? Is it safe?

A: Keeping pets inside is always better than letting them outside where they might meet with a fatal accident such as being hit by a car or being attacked by another animal. There is also a risk from dangerous chemicals used in some pest control products for animals (frequently called “pesticides”) which could cause cancerous tumours in your pet after a short time out of their body. Your vet can advise you on how much toxicity your pet would be exposed too when using certain pesticides, but it wouldn’t hurt just to play it safe! In addition to all this though we must not forget that indoor living doesn’t provide our beloved companion with exercise and fresh air just like going outdoors does – both necessary