When To Start Potty Training A Kitten?

The age of potty training depends on the kitten and how much you want to train them and who will do it. I’ve heard older cats that are about 1 year old can be trained but this is very rare. A kitten or cat should never be left unsupervised while they use the litter box, even if they have gotten used to doing their business outside your home. They may get scared and start doing other things than what you need them to do such as hiding in drawers or under the bed. This also applies when they go to a new house where there might not be litter boxes available so at least one box needs to always be present in case he goes there.

How long does it take for a cat (or kitten) to potty train?

It takes time, patience and consistency because unless we try we don’t know if our puppy/kitten has learned something until we give up on trying get him/her trained correctly which shouldn’t happen anyway since this is supposed to teach obedience through positive reinforcement (training). Puppies (and kittens) learn by repetition; therefore, make sure you repeat everything multiple times until success is achieved each time keeping an eye out for signs of progress such as increased frequency of urination especially after eating, elimination outside of the litter box with no hesitation whatsoever getting used tto using different ways where others are not allowed access etc..