When To Stop Feeding Cat Kitten Food?

The first thing you have to do is know your cat. If it’s a newly adopted kitten, you need to feed it kitten food for at least two weeks before changing the type of food. The reason is that babies are used to eating their mother’s milk and may refuse to eat anything else if they feel uncomfortable doing so. It will take some time for them accustomed, but once they get there you can start offering other foods as well. This applies only to kittens though; felines older than this must be fed throughout their lives with both types of food or risk getting ill because of insufficient nutrition during certain periods..

Once your cat reaches about six months old, keep feeding him just one kind of dry food until he becomes an adult (usually around 2 years). When his appetite starts decreasing and he stops accepting new foods offered by his owner, then stop giving him plain dry kibble and switch over to premium recipes such as those recommended in our article about free sample coupons for cat food . You should also change the brand gradually from low-cost brands like Pedigree or Purina over towards higher priced ones such as Royal Canin or Blue Buffalo..