When To Switch From Kitten Food?

Kitten food for adults is available. However, it’s important to note that many kitten foods are formulated specifically for kittens and should not be fed to adult cats unless recommended by your veterinarian. And, don’t use human baby formula or toddler-type cereals with cat food — they can cause serious illness in cats due to the specific ingredient used in the cereal, which is often inexpensive corn syrup solids. The best way to feed an adult cat is with a complete grain-free diet which contains high levels of meat protein but also includes high fiber sources such as bok choy or broccoli florets. An example of a good grain free diet would be Wellness Core Grain Free Dry Cat Food (this one contains salmon as well).

How much should I feed my kitten? How often should I feed him/her?

Feeding requirements will change as your kitten grows and matures; generally speaking, though you want to give them enough calories each day so they gain weight at a healthy rate and stay lean and fit (but not too skinny!), you’ll need about 3 times their bodyweight per week between weaning and 1 year old if feeding adult food until then, depending on age group: 8 weeks = 2x BW; 12 weeks = 4x BW; 16 weeks = 5x BW; 20 pounds= 6x BW; 24 pounds= 7x BW….etc… If feeding kibble alone from 8-20 pounds: three small meals daily plus