When To Switch Kitten To Cat Food?

Kitten food to cat food is a common question. Many people wonder when they should switch from kitten to adult formula with the answer being that you must do it before your kitten reaches his/her second birthday. There are several reasons for this, but most of all it is because cats become obese and sick once they reach adulthood. Also, some veterinarians will not prescribe any meds for a healthy animal so be sure to ask!

Kitten Food To Cat Food: Why Switch? With the average life span of domestic cats exceeding 12 years old, there has been an increased demand on pet owners regarding switching between different foods for their pets depending upon their age and health benefits offered by each specific diet or combination of diets. Kittens can consume milk formulated for kittens until 8 weeks after birth which makes them very susceptible to many diseases while at the same time young adults can remain healthy if fed appropriately. While both types of cats require certain nutrients in order to remain healthy, there are significant differences in how these nutrients affect them during different stages of development (i.e., kittens vs adults).