When To Switch Kitten To Dry Food?

I have an older cat that is on regular food. He had to be taken into the vet last week because his kidneys were not functioning properly and he has lost about 15 pounds since then. The vet put him on a special diet for kidney disease over the weekend, but now I am wondering if it would be better to switch him completely to dry food or continue with what he was currently eating? We are able to purchase another bag of dry food at our local pet store, but they only sell two different kinds (according to their web site)…so which is best? Should we try both until we find out if one suits his needs better than the other? I feel like this might cost us more money in end feedings as well since there isn’t any canned foods available around here….but maybe it will work out ok…any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!!

By katiekat1 from New Jersey